Keyring Needs UI Help

I'm looking for someone who can add some shiny.

The current look-n-feel is grey and stodgy, with minimal (and amateur) graphics. There are several reasons for this:

I'd like to spruce it up a bit, make the graphics look professional, and perhaps add a bit of color. At the same time I want to maintain a fairly sedate and serious appearance. As much as possible I'd also like to stick to the default styles, since that allows me to concentrate on the coding (which I don't suck at).

Here's what I'm looking for, in order of decreasing priority:

  1. Icons for added, edited and viewed.
    The row of dates on the "single key" screen needs clearer icons to indicate added, edited and viewed (the "viewed" icon is supposed to be an eye, but, again, I suck at graphics).

  2. Locked and unlocked icons.
    The "locked" screen shows a lock, which briefly shows as open after you enter your password. The current icon is a bit plain.

  3. Subtle indication of category on the "List of keys" screen.
    Each key can be assigned to a category, so it would be nice if there was some way to see that when looking at the list. I think that using different icons would lead to a very cluttered display. I've been contemplating a palette of muted colors that could be assigned to categories, and displayed in the background of each row, but I worry that might lead to an "angry fruit salad" look. This might need to be combined with a redesign of the key list.

  4. Suggestions for minor UI improvements.
    Adding color here and there, changing the list dividers, etc. There are probably a number of small changes that would improve the look of the app without requiring a big investment.

  5. A visual redesign.
    This would be great, but it's a lot to take on for anyone who isn't already familiar with webOS. All the UI widgets are generated, and it's non-trivial to view the actual HTML you need to be styling. If you're interested in going this route, have a look at the Palm UI Guidelines for a start.

If you're interested in working with me on Keyring, please contact me before you do anything. Despite appearances to the contrary, I have fairly strong opinions about UI and aesthetics, and Keyring is my baby.

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