The San Jose Scene: 187 Calm

Mike Bruce on Guitar & vocals, Ted Kamp on drums, and Jodi Durst on bass and intimidation. Background music for a knifing in a dark alley. After this demo, they put out two albums, a self-titled in 1995, and “Thirteen Degrees Warmer” in ‘98. I have the first, and it’s darker and more atmospheric than the demo; I haven’t heard the second album. There’s a myspace page, with a few samples.

Mike is now fronting the excellent Machete Revival, which sounds like later 187 Calm. Ted is a home loan specialist, and has been playing most recently in a blues band, though he tells me he just started playing with Jodi again. Neither of them has a copy of the demo, and they’re excited to hear it again.

1992 Demo Cassette

  1. Coathanger
  2. Oldman Song
  3. Government by Assassination
  4. Mezmerized
  5. Nothing
  6. Amerasian Love Song
  7. Penetration
  8. Untitled (Mother Proudness Mix)